An intro to my blog

Hey everyone! I just wanted my first post to be about why I made this blog, what you can expect from it, and a little about me.

So to start things off I’ll introduce myself real quick. My name is Reedie (yes it’s my real name!) I am 22 years old and a mother to a 5 year old daughter, Kayden. I am a licensed esthetician in the state of Florida looking to educate others. After completing my schooling at the Academy of Cosmetology – Merritt Island, I couldn’t find a spa I really wanted to work at for multiple reasons.

Number one is that I’m pretty… I wouldn’t say hippie but idk what else to describe my lifestyle as. An Earth lover? Anyway my main concern was how these spas looked. You walk in and there’s huge chandeliers hanging on high, vaulted ceilings, beautiful floors, state of the art dressing/relaxation rooms and all the fancy schmancy stuff that I stay away from.

There’s definitely exceptions to these type of spas such as Essentials Spa in Viera, FL and Blue Morpho Skin Spa in Indialantic, FL to name a few.

Number two is the skin care being used. After going to school and learning about what certain ingredients do for your skin, I discovered that there is SO MUCH in these products that I can’t pronounce and that are actually harmful to your skin! So I set out to find a skin care line I liked. Mission failed. So I decided to make my own!

Through learning about skin care and ingredients, I discovered how closely related our human health is with the Earth’s health. From my skin studies I branched out to learn about the Earth and elements and life in general.

I made this blog to not only educate people on skin care, but on Earth health, random philosophical thoughts and life in general.

You can expect to learn about my lifestyle and hopefully apply or learn some things for your own life and health. I plan on making podcasts about skin care and random ideas about Earth (like how small we are or space stuff). I plan to transcript each podcast or at least blog the takeaways from each podcast here on this blog.

Oh! I’m also currently converting a van with my awesome boyfriend, Connor, and I plan to take everyone along on this journey of van life and travels as well.

If this sounds interesting to you or you just want to creep on my life, then subscribe below!!

I hope everyone will enjoy this website as much as I enjoy educating and learning about life myself! If you have any questions, ideas, things you wanna hear about, critique on my website or anything else, visit my contact page and leave a note!


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