Why I cut all my hair off

So recently I cut all my hair off into a short little hair cut. Check my Instagram for pics. This is something I’ve wanted to do foreeeevvverrr. Really, I wanted a full shaved head. So when I had dreads the plan was to dread my whole head (only half was done) and then when I got bored of those, shave my head and grow out natural, no dye, no bleach, just healthy hair. Well I ended up brushing my dreads out (for work and I’m kinda mad I did cause another girl had dreads and ya) so I was left with my still dry and damaged hair. anywaaay

I focus so much on skin that I NEVER do anything with my hair. It’s always in my way and annoying me so I throw it up in a bun. Oh ya, and my hair was FRIED and so dead. Box dye on bleach on bleach my poor hair has suffered enough! I decided to end its misery and do something I’ve always wanted to do, while also taking off all that nasty split end, dry, damaged hair.

So this is something I’ve always wanted. I am the straightest person alive by the way. Even when drunk. No, this haircut didn’t suddenly turn me lesbian or anything. (Not like I have a problem with it, if you know me personally you’d know why lmao) Literally everyone has been so nice and supportive of me except for some of my own family! Lol and if you know me, you know I don’t have time for that negativity!😂

I cut all my hair off because it’s something that I have always wanted to do. Because it makes me feel free and happy. Because it’s one less thing for me to worry about. Because I’m a woman that does what she wants lololol. Because I just genuinely could give a shit about my own hair! I did it because I wanted to and it’s been on my bucket list forever. I’m actually gonna go shorter with it most likely.


3 thoughts on “Why I cut all my hair off

  1. We love it I hope you knew that after you FaceTimed us. When you told me at the soccer game that you were going to do it. I knew you were going to do it.
    You look gorgeous all the time, a haircut doesn’t define who you are as a person . Embrace it. I just look at it as a new opportunity, a weave and wig line by Reedie Renee. Lol
    We love you and the doo xoxo

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  2. Pretty cool woman! Keep doing what you please hair or no hair your a beautiful woman. Keep up the good work and just do you. who cares what anyone thinks as long as your kids happy and your man screw anyone else! I can see you being a inspiration to people! Keep up the good work!


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