My Morning Routine

I have a daughter, so my first 30 minutes consists of getting her ready for school. She’s pretty independent so during this time I check my social media’s and get my news for the day, just catch up. After I take my daughter to school and come home is when I’m most productive. I start my coffee machine and I do all my dishes while the coffee is making. I usually finish before the coffee is done; it’s like my little race I do and then if I still have time, I start to clean my counters and just clean up my kitchen a little bit. Once the coffee is finished brewing, I like to kind of let it sit for a minute because it’s scouring hot, so during that time is when I do my skin care routine.

I start my skin care by washing my face with my face wash (that I make if you’d like some you can purchase at this link). If it’s the time of the week to do a scrub (you only want to do these 1-2x a week), then I use my sugar scrub. It’s my favorite one for my face (you can also purchase that here). If I’m not doing a scrub that day, then I just cleanse, pat dry and then tone my face. My toner that I use is for acne because I have a tiny little blackheads and little bumps all over my face. I know you can’t see them in pictures, but trust me they’re there. This one you can do at home, it is totally easy and it consists of two ingredients! All I use is alcohol-free witch hazel; an astringent, meaning it’s going to close your pores. You want that, otherwise toxins will get in and all kinds of crap will get into your skin. The second ingredient that I use is Teatree essential oil. Teatree oil is good in so many ways, it’s especially great for people who have acne as it is an antibacterial. As with any essential oil, you’re going to want to make sure that you dilute this. You don’t want to put it directly on your face. That is why I mix it with my witch hazel, then I apply it with just a ascetic pad (which is like the circular cotton pads) and I just put all over my face. And you’ll be surprised because dirt and things will still come up on that pad even though you just washed your face, so it’s kind of nice to know “ok I just got a little more grime off my face.” After I tone, I like to spray a little of my rosewater spray on my face. It’s really hydrating because after I tone, my natural skin is pretty… I’d say dehydrated a little because I need to drink more water and so it loves that moisture. (It also smells amazing) Then once that is dried (which doesn’t take long cause it’s just a spritz) I apply my moisturizer. I use just an oil blend (you can purchase your own here at this link and it’ll be customized for your skin just like mine is.) After my moisturizer, I make sure that I use an SPF on my face. And you should too! I am actually currently trying to find a good SPF for my face. Right now, I’m using Image skincare’s line. I don’t really like all their other products but I love the SPF. It smells good, it’s not heavy or as greasy as most. But if you have any suggestions on an SPF that you like to use on your face that you know is natural and good for your skin, please drop it in the comments below! Let me know I’m really trying to find a good one!!

After all those steps, I am done with my morning skin care routine. Total time it probably only takes about 5 to 7 minutes to do, so it’s really not a big time consumer in your day. You can definitely set aside this time to wash your face and take care or yourself.

So by now my coffee is probably at the perfect hot temperature to still drink, but still be hot, so I go make my coffee. Then if I have a little time, I sit down, read some articles, watch a YouTube video, listen to a podcast or something really educational related to my job; anything about waxing, skin care, health, fitness, nutrition, etc. I love to follow blogs and read articles instead of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram.

By this time, it’s probably around 9:15 or so. I start to get ready for work, I have to be there around 10 or 10:30. On my way to work, I’ll listen to a podcast if I’m feeling like I need more info because some days I feel more productive than others. If not I just listen to some music that gets me pumped for the day, gets me feeling like a boss bitch, you know the songs.

The best way to get productive is to seriously turn your phone off. Literally just turn it off and I promise you’ll be like, “oh I need to do something.” You get bored so you want to do something. Cleaning your house is something you could do. It’s good to keep your house clean, it keeps your mind decluttered. If your space is cluttered, it can stress you out and it’s just not good to have a cluttered area. It really is a lifestyle change, you have to be really committed to yourself and to your life. I really want my house to be cute and nice but I don’t like to clean! You know, who likes to clean? It’s super annoying, but once you start getting into that habit, it’s just super easy and you feel productive and it’s good for your soul.

The first 90 minutes of your day is going to be the most important part of your day. If those 90 minutes go wrong and you’re just not productive and it sucks, your whole day is going to suck. If you start to be productive in those hours and get your brain juices flowing and get productive early, the whole outcome of your day is going to be great.

So, that is basically my morning routine! When I come home is when I usually do more Instagram things and make content and clean the rest of my house. I can make a totally separate post on that another time.

Let me know what your morning routine is like, maybe I can implement some better things into my routine, save a little time or maybe just add something else good! Like I should probably meditate or do some sort of yoga… if you guys have any awesome morning yoga that you do I’m really trying to get into yoga! So let me know, comment below, send me an email, text me, whatever!! I want all the info I can get!


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