HOW TO: Treat Mature Skin

Once we reach our mid twenties, our skin starts to change. This is due to our own health and wellness such as eating right, exercise and also external influences like toxins in the environment we are in. Whatever the case, signs of aging happen to all of us. The typical things that happen is a loss of elasticity and moisture, causing the skin to develop fine lines and wrinkles or age spots. Anti-aging products and ingredients help to protect the skin against premature aging and aging skin by improving that elasticity and smoothness. Hydrating is the major key during this time to maintain the moisture we are losing as we age.

How do you know if you have mature skin?

  • Loss of tone and plumpness
  • Wrinkles deepening
  • Thinner and drier skin

This happens because our cell renewal slows down, meaning collagen production slows and elastin (our skin strengthening protein) slows down as well. This causes the skin or epidermis to start to sag, develop frown lines and crows feet, the laugh lines become more apparent, as well as liver or skin spots.

As our skin ages, it has different needs than younger skin. Mature skin loses moisture and should be kept super hydrated. That’s where the miracle hyaluronic acid comes into play. We also need to make sure our treatments are fighting against aging as well.


Take a walk down the beauty aisle at any store and you will quickly realize how easy it is to spend a fortune on products aimed at anti-aging or treating wrinkles. I hate to break it to you, but unless you go under the knife or needle, the wrinkles aren’t going away. You can however, soften these lines. If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Earth only products and a firm believer that the Earth gives us all we need. I also love the holistic approach to skin care, considering it is your biggest organ! That is why I have prepared a few DIY, at home, all natural, no chemical recipes for mature skin. Click any of the links below to take you directly to that recipe! All recipes should be handled like fresh food. Store leftovers in the fridge covered and discard after a week.

Let me know below how these recipes worked for you, or if you have any questions!


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