DIY: at home spa guide

Sometimes you just need a f@#kin break. But you can’t afford a spa day money or time wise. We’ve all been there. We most likely are still here. (Lol)

I love a good deal, and I love DIY.

These are some ways I turn my evening into a spa night.

Get a diffuser.

Diffusing an essential oil or oil blend has tons of benefits. Aromatherapy can help relieve anxiety, depression, boost energy levels, cure headaches, strengthen the immune system, increase circulation, reduce pain, improve digestion, boost cognition and induce sleep. It’s pretty awesome and you can find beautiful cheap ones on amazon! As for the essential oils I would buy from Young Living. It’s very important to choose high quality essential oils.

Prepare a face mask.

I loooove food face masks. They are not drying usually, so you could do these every night if you wanted. For some examples, click here. You could also do a clay or other mask which I make here. But those I recommend only doing 1-2x a week. Wash your face and scrub (if necessary, you should only scrub 1x a week!). Apply mask. Follow up with moisturizer.

Make a smoothie.

This is totally optional. I love smoothies. And I love drinking them in the bath because when the bath makes you too hot, the smoothie cools you down and I don’t know, I like it. You might too. Sometimes I’ll make a smoothie and use almost the same ingredients for face mask! Experiment, make it fun! BONUS the smoothie is so good for you! Pinterest is your best friend.

Run a detox bath.

Detox baths can be as simple as Epsom salt. Or you can spice them up all kinds of ways. I can make one also if you’d like! I personally have different baths I take depending on mood or my skin’s needs. Sometimes I use a bath melt, a bath bomb, or just Epsom salt and an essential oil. Whatever you decide, make it relaxing. Light some candles, light some incense, do what you do and relax. Drink your smoothie and put your mask on prior to your bath. Before you get out of the bath, tun some new water and wash your mask off. You’ll have super soft skin! Remember to moisturize with a body butter or oil to keep your skin soft, smooth and protected.

These are some of my favorite ways to wind down and treat myself in the evenings. What do you like doing for self-care?


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