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HOW TO: Self Care & It’s Importance

If you keep up with my blog, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little MIA. The past few weeks I have really been focusing on myself and learning more about myself. When we truly know ourselves, that is when we can help others.

What The F&@k Are These Tiny Bumps?!

Growing up I always had super clear skin and I guess this is my karma for never having to wear make up through high school. So what the hell are these tiny bumps?! They’re not acne and they’re not even really blackheads; sometimes stuff comes out of them, but not usually.


How to detox your body

So if you read my about, you know that I have a diet of real food. It’s not a diet to lose weight.. just how I eat. Someone I went to school with a while back, Amelia, asked me about the best ways to detox your body, which inspired me to write this post! Thanks @ameliaemerson This is the most simple diet and one … Read More How to detox your body